Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Kiss Me Song with Chords

I’ve been  listening  to this Cadbury Silk jingle for quite long time. Its sweet, cute and melodious. Well it may be suprising (to myself) to fall in love with this type of tune for a metal lover like me but you know melody rules. I have tried to find out the guitar chords for this song. Hope someone someday found it here.


 Kiss Me
 Close Your Eyes
 Miss Me
 Close Your Eyes
 Kiss Me
 I can wet your lips
 and your fingertips
(C)                  (D)
 and Happiness in your Eyes
 Kiss Me
 Close Your Eyes
 Miss Me
 Close Your Eyes

We Make A History & In Process of Making Aother One : Welcome 2012

I’m writing this post at 12:40 am, Jan 1, 2012 without any kind of hope or resolution.

Its four months from the time I wrote the above line. With this tenure I must have learned something. Its been a great time at my office, new responsibilities, promotions, PRESSURES, clients & all other odd stuffs.  Musically in these months I’ve found few goods bands, artists which types I love to listen. Personally I still don’t have any strong determination expect a few like:

  • I will update my blog regularly ( may be weekly or bi-weekly ).
  • Will learn some advance techniques in the field I work ( its Search Engine Optimization ).
  • Will search for any scope to escape from the daily reality in to the wildness ( I mean tour to the mountains and lesser known areas in and around my country ).
  • Will try my luck in photography ( I’m worst at still, trying to learn about the video ).
  • Will complete two courses online ( currently enrolled in one but couldn’t be regular due to time adjustment issue ).

And for the rest  I’m not sure.

Year 2011: What we get ?

‘Balance sheet of year 2011’ – this is what its supposed to be but currently I don’t have any intention to tally the gone year’s debit and credit any way. We all know what we all get and loose. Life is straight and simple but its us (debatable) which makes it complex and now by any mean we have to live this. Live happy live long.
NOTE: I’m not writing this post on the date I suppose to be. I’m writing this on 10:26 SEP 27 2012. The next post will also be similar.

Facebook Business Page Marketing – Five Points That You Must Consider

Facebook Marketing strategies

Facebook has already proven its worth in terms of business and promotion related activities . Year 2010- 2011 has witnessed a lot of business centric activities, algo- changes and integration of some good options for Facebook business page marketing purposes. Marketing your products, services or any thing on Facebook will require an extreme honest and focused effort to get the desired results. You can or rather must not catch and pray to your suspected potential customers to like your page or buy your products. It is completely non-sense and any FB marketing strategy based on these super-aggressive type will eventually results in degradation in fan followings, zero user engagement and thus automatically putting an end to your Facebook business endeavors. One more important point that every body must learn that Facebook is not a place from where you can expect a daily number fixed conversions (sales) for your business. Many people or even companies forgot to consider this. Facebook, in other words, can be described as a market place (in business context) where people came and like basically to spend time with their circles (friends), activities, looking for a new connection and searching for information. Any marketing approaches should concentrate on the last to point to get the max out of this vast social networking platform. Social Behaviors and 90-9-1 rule

Social Behaviors and 90-9-1 rule

90-9-1 Social Behaviors Rule ratio

This is one of the most important rule to follow when it comes about engaging your users. In 2006, Jakob Neilsen wrote in Alertbox about this splendid 90-9-1 rule. This rule explains the general behavior of social users on FB and how they contribute to your productivity. Let us assume that a business page on FB got a 100 likes. Now, out of that 100 fans 90 fans are just observers or mere readers who will only read your post or updates and will not do anything above that. The next 9 fans will read your updates and like it and the last 1 will not only read and like your updates but also willingly put his/her comment on it. These 1% is the active or loyal fan. You need to strategies your Facebook marketing strategies in such a way that these 1 % can be made more effective. Sounds hard right ? But its not.

Let us discuss the key five points considering which can make your Facebook marketing strategy a successful one irrespective of any types and form of business you may have.

1. User- Spell:  Proper utilization of the profile picture customization option. This is the main part at which a visitor looks first after visiting the page. Profile picture is one of the few things that we can actually customize. It should be attractive and unique enough to charm an unique visitor. Usage of an extremely innovative profile pic with a 200 x 600 resolution, change accordingly if you are currently using its less than that.

2.  Fan-Infiltration: This is a strategy that is all about getting the right and targeted fans from the relevant groups, pages, events, people, messages etc. in one word from every corner of the FB that’s relevant to your business.

3. The Blog effect: Setting up a blog with a complete different approach. The current blog integrated with your domain may contains only product related info and that’s fine. What I’m talking about is setting up a third party blog with a more user-friendly name. We can set up this blog that will focus entirely on the age (age groups)/ class (income groups)/ priority (industry based like food, service, any  industries who uses your category of products, services on a daily
basis) based targeted users. For example, setting up such a blog for a home ware or cook ware related industry should focus on creating a single blog serving the needs of a modern housewife, working mother, youth and a cooking or fitness enthusiast.  Motto: JUST GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT AND THEY WILL COME BACK AGAIN.

You might like to look at:

They are all looking for the same thing that you are i.e, customer engagement, branding etc. Just look at the approaches and try to learn the way they operates.

4.  The Post Factor: We need to keep the page fresh, interesting and happening. For that a daily dosage of similar types of post is not enough (as seen in many cases on FB business pages). Apart from sharing latest industry news, fun-facts and other stuffs you can also engage users to actively participate right inside the page by letting them to share their experiences (lets say in the cook-ware context  ‘my first cooking’), their memories with such products, ‘My art’ (handicrafts, glass work, glass paintings) etc. This will convey a sense of friendliness and the user will feel empowered to showcase their stuffs thus resulting in organic sharing of your words.

5.  User Engaging Activities: Activities like polls, quiz, discussions can results in excellent user engagements. You may also, depending on your budget, can develop an app or game relevant to your business with a small link back to your FB page. Users also willingly participate in an event where there is chance to win some good freebies, that can even be a discount code.

Hope this points help you in your Facebook marketing quest and please do not hesitate to show up with a great point that you might have in your mind if I ‘ve missed them.

Always remember that ‘sharing is caring’

Cheers 🙂

Jesus’s Journey To India – The Lost Years From Bible

Many of us may be aware of this fact and many may not be.  I’ m talking about the holy pilgrimage of Jesus Christ to India including other Asian countries that he took several thousands years ago. There are many controversies revolves round this fact but we will get into that, instead we will try to focus on the proven facts.

Nicolas Notovich (1858-unknown) was a Russian nobleman, journalist and adventurer who traveled to India following the merchants (through the silk-route). He accidentally broke his leg and took a shelter at the Hemis monastery, Ladakh where he was nursed by the Buddhist lamas and was granted the permission to stay there and learn about Buddhism. According to him there he came to know about an ancient manuscript about “Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men” which tells stories about a great soul and his journey in India. The divine soul was from Israel and left his home at the age of 13 to avoid being married. It was a social social then at Israel to get married at that very age. However, instead of getting into all these earthly matters the enlightened boy wants to study Buddhism  and thus fled to India. He followed the same  path that later Notovich took , the silk-route which was then the major trade-way for the merchants of west to enter India and its adjoining countries.

jesus in india route-map
Route Through Which Jesus Possibly Travelled To India

In India Jesus was known as Issah (In Arabic, Jesus is known as Eesa.  In sixteen of the 25 places in the Quran where Eesa is used, he is called “the son of Mary” (Ibn Maryam).  Since he had no father, he was named so after his mother *) and was heartily welcomed by Jains and spend six long years studying and learning ‘Pali’ language eventually mastered the Jain & Buddhist religious texts. With in this six year span, he journeyed through holy Indian cities like Jaganath (I think its Puri), Rajagriha (may be Rajgir, Bihar. The apex Buddhist educational & cultural hub then) and Varanasi . It is believed that due his open-way of teaching of sacred religious scriptures to the Sudras (the lower casts)  & Vaisyas (a level above sudras, labours, farmers, business mans) which was not acceptable then, he embroiled with some sort of conflict with thee higher casts of the society like Kshatriyas (Fighters, Kings, Warrior class) & the Brahmins (The priests, religious teachers). This conflict engendered his life safety and after being warned by the Sudras, he leaves the city (Jaganath) and travels to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal which was also the birth place of the Great Buddha.

Hemis Gompa, India

Isa returns to his native home at the age of 29 and begins preaching. He continued his preaching for three years. He was later accused of proclaiming himself as a Son of God by the Jewish religious leaders and  was arrested and crucified for blasphemy.

Numerous scholars claims  the book by the Notovich as a hoax. Another Indian spiritualist and skeptic, Swami Avedananda also visited the Hemis monastery and claimed to be found the exact manuscript that Notovich have earlier mentioned.  He later wrote a book on his experiences at Hemis.

There is a shrine of a saint in the Khanyar area of district Srinagar kashmir, known as Rozabal (Roza-bal ,  means shrine of the honored one) which is believed to be the final resting place of Yuz Asaf which means Son of Joseph. It is again controversial.

Rozabal shrine, kashmir, India
Rozabal Shrine, Kashmir, India

A documentary produced by Ministry of Information, Govt. of India and directed by Yeshaendra named ‘The Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar‘ which covers all the available aspects of Jesus’s possible presence in India, his teachings and all the mystery behind that following thorough research and development. You can read the interview of the director here.

For more information regarding this subject you can read the follow resources:

Help taken from following resources:

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Image Courtesy:

Jesus’s beginning photo:

Rozabal Shrine Image:

Hemis Monastery : Wikipedia.

Jesus’s Route-Map:

Facebook Timeline – This Is The New Shit!

facebook timeline_aritra ganguly_while logged off
Facebook Time line Profile View While Logged Off

I’ve got my Facebook profile ‘Timelined’ today and its really an amazing experiences. I found this new feature after sometime it got released and wished that I could have done it on ‘the day’ it self.

facebook time line_aritra ganguly_logged in
Facebook Timeline View After Logging In

For all of them (I also do that) who search every day for the latest updates from Facebook, mostly about the profile customization options this new feature can be an alternative.  Timeline is a online or rather Facebook biography feature where you can systemically arrange your life right from your date-of-birth, sounds impressive, huh. After you activated the Timeline in your profile you will be asked to choose a ‘cover’ and that’s the first most impressive thing about this enhancement. A ‘cover’ like what it literally means act as the cover for your Facebook Timeline profile or biography.  Facebook will automatically arrange the present details of you according to the year and for the rest, you have to do it manually. You can set the visibility of each and every options inside the time line thus protecting your privacy and its recommended. So, gear up and turn your Facebook profile into your virtual biography.

Cheers 🙂

Introducing World’s Cheapest Android ‘Akash’ Tab – Made In INDIA

At last we have made it. When it was first announced, the news creates an immediate buzz among tech- cos, both domestic & international. That buzz was all about doubting or rather analyzing the ability to design such a sophisticated piece of device at this astonishing price. Yea , we are talking about the Akash TAB, a robust ANDROID 2.2 (Froyo) tablet with 7″ resistive touch screen priced at $ 50, that is approximately 2638 INR . Its really something like designing the impossible.

Akash Tab, world's most cheapest Android tab

The initiative of this development was taken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Govt . of India and the device is jointly developed by Indian Institute of Technology, Rajastan & Datawind, a wireless web access product manufacturing company based at Montreal, Canada. The main motto behind creating such devices is to provide mass-computing facilities to the people of rural India and especially the students. Akash, which means ‘sky’ in Hindi was made available to the market on 05-11-2011. The device is available in two models, one is for student (Akash TAB) and so its priced even more reasonably, $ 35 or 1500 INR and the other one, UBISLATE 7 is set to release on January 2012 with some added features and enhancements. The first lot of Akash TAB is entirely sold out as reported on 19 December 2011, that is only 3 days after opening the online buying facility. As the Akash TAB is entirely designed for students, it is available through Govt. agencies and school authorities and lacks even some moderate features like game playing, third party software Installation etc. At this price we couldn’t demand more 🙂

Let us see the features that the Akash TAB boasts:

Processor :

A single core 366 MHz processor with added graphics acceleration and a co-processor for HD video playback.

Operating System:

Android 2.2 (Froyo). Though its an Android device , the popular Android Marketplace is missing in this tab, in place of that the ‘Getjar’ & option to install 150,000 apps.froyo

Screen size:

LCD 7” resistive.

Device Size:





256 MB

Permanent storage media:

2 GB Micro SD card pre-installed and
expandable upto 32 GB.

External Connectivity:

2 USB port (standard size).


None with an option to connect an external one through USB.


2100 mAh. (3 HRS. of standard use and 2 HRS. of HD video

Web Browser:

DataWind Accelerated Browser (Patented technology for super fast web accelaration).


Internal cellular and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM card).

Document Formats Supported:

and OPD.

Video Formats Supported: 


Audio Formats Supported:

WMA, MP3, AC3, AAC and WAV.

Network Connectivity:

Wifi Enabled, GPRS & 3G dongle enabled.

Wow, now that’s really impressive, isn’t it ? In-spite of having such great features at this cheap price tag, the Akash TAB too have some ‘unavoidable’ system glitches like frequent freezing, quick overheating and low-quality sound etc. I used the term ‘unavoidable’ because with a 366 MHz processor and that small amount of RAM, it is not possible to overcome those problems.

However, the commercial version of Akash TAB , named UBISLATE 7 will come up with enhancements like 700MHz processor, capacitive screen, 1GB RAM, improved options for sound and video playback, game playing, front camera etc. The pre- booking for UBISLATE 7 has started and I’ve booked one of this most sought after computing devices for myself, you can too book this for yourself here.

Happy Tabbing……

UPDATE ON 26 APRIL 2013: Currently this tab is not available in India and also not so much popular. There are several other models has been released in the market. If you wish to know more, you can read this article in Wikipedia. ]

Effective FREE Ways of Generating Traffic For Websites – Part 1

After getting any website rolling, the next big think that came into any webmaster’s mind is inevitably ‘traffic’. It is the main and the most important point to cover just after having a website. If you are a company or organization and there is something you want to provide or ‘sell’ to your users through your website, then you must plan a solid traffic generating strategy in order to sustain the website and justifying its cause to be on the internet. I’m too was clueless in this regard when first started my web mastering career but eventually able to learn out some easy to do practices that are ‘free-of-cost’, 100% ethical, does not require extreme SEO expertise to execute and can surely boost up the traffic.

Effective FREE Ways of Generating Traffic For Websites - Part 1
Desired Traffic Around Your Website

There are two phases of a traffic generation strategy for any site. In the first phase you select primary keywords for your business and you put the entire effort to get it ranked top at the SERP. Secondly, you R&D on some excellent alternative way to drive traffic and apply them to your business. Well, what I’m are talking about is the mixture of the both. If your site is ranked within top 5 against the targeted keyword, traffic is bound to come in but beside that you also can have some good other options from or by which your site can get a great number of ‘niche’ traffic.

Some proven methods to drive traffic to your site:

1. Targeting less competitive/ near relevant keywords – Targeting a bunch of keywords that may not be super-relevant to your business or have less competition, can surprisingly drive a good amount of traffic to your site. If you are targeting a keyword that has apparently less relevancy to your business, choose the one which has the highest number of search volumes.

2. Blog Setup – Setting up an informative blog can add a decent amount of potential visitors to your site monthly traffic report. Setting up a blog is very easy but driving and maintaining it is not. Do not write only about your product of services rather you can provide latest and other relevant information on your area of operation through your post. You also need to take care about the intonation of your writing. Remember, too much rigid and formal writing bored a visitor and too much lucid and funky type of writing can create a misconception about your seriousness of purpose. All you need to do a beautiful balancing act.

3. User Interface (UI) Factor – I regard this as one of the most important factor in ‘retaining’ visitors. Your design will establish the fact ‘first impression is the last impression’. In order to accomplish this you do not need to put an amusement park inside your website, rather just do some smart work and aesthetically design your site in accordance with the prescribed guidelines and the theme of your business or services.

4. Social Networks – Smart use of various social network platforms can really be helpful in generating some good amount of traffic for your site. You need to make a content circulation chain like, your blog post —> auto rss feed up-gradation —–> auto sharing of current content in the social networks platforms where your site got an account. Post and discuss the latest industry/ business news with your fans and show them what can you do in that specific field. In other words socialize with the birds of the same feather.

5. Social Bookmarks

– Social bookmarking is a wonderful way to get some targeted traffic to your site. You can bookmark content/ information rich pages of your website as well as the new blog posts that you periodically come up with. Register in top 20-30 bookmarking sites and follow some good amount of regular people out there. Remember not to bookmark a uninformative or a specific page again and again.

As of now you can implement or do your own brainstorming on these five proven ways of traffic driving. I’ll be back with some other alternatives ways to get niche traffic in the next part soon.

Cheer 🙂