We Make A History & In Process of Making Aother One : Welcome 2012

I’m writing this post at 12:40 am, Jan 1, 2012 without any kind of hope or resolution.

Its four months from the time I wrote the above line. With this tenure I must have learned something. Its been a great time at my office, new responsibilities, promotions, PRESSURES, clients & all other odd stuffs.  Musically in these months I’ve found few goods bands, artists which types I love to listen. Personally I still don’t have any strong determination expect a few like:

  • I will update my blog regularly ( may be weekly or bi-weekly ).
  • Will learn some advance techniques in the field I work ( its Search Engine Optimization ).
  • Will search for any scope to escape from the daily reality in to the wildness ( I mean tour to the mountains and lesser known areas in and around my country ).
  • Will try my luck in photography ( I’m worst at still, trying to learn about the video ).
  • Will complete two courses online ( currently enrolled in one but couldn’t be regular due to time adjustment issue ).

And for the rest  I’m not sure.


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