Jesus’s Journey To India – The Lost Years From Bible

Many of us may be aware of this fact and many may not be.  I’ m talking about the holy pilgrimage of Jesus Christ to India including other Asian countries that he took several thousands years ago. There are many controversies revolves round this fact but we will get into that, instead we will try to focus on the proven facts.

Nicolas Notovich (1858-unknown) was a Russian nobleman, journalist and adventurer who traveled to India following the merchants (through the silk-route). He accidentally broke his leg and took a shelter at the Hemis monastery, Ladakh where he was nursed by the Buddhist lamas and was granted the permission to stay there and learn about Buddhism. According to him there he came to know about an ancient manuscript about “Life of Saint Issa, Best of the Sons of Men” which tells stories about a great soul and his journey in India. The divine soul was from Israel and left his home at the age of 13 to avoid being married. It was a social social then at Israel to get married at that very age. However, instead of getting into all these earthly matters the enlightened boy wants to study Buddhism  and thus fled to India. He followed the same  path that later Notovich took , the silk-route which was then the major trade-way for the merchants of west to enter India and its adjoining countries.

jesus in india route-map
Route Through Which Jesus Possibly Travelled To India

In India Jesus was known as Issah (In Arabic, Jesus is known as Eesa.  In sixteen of the 25 places in the Quran where Eesa is used, he is called “the son of Mary” (Ibn Maryam).  Since he had no father, he was named so after his mother *) and was heartily welcomed by Jains and spend six long years studying and learning ‘Pali’ language eventually mastered the Jain & Buddhist religious texts. With in this six year span, he journeyed through holy Indian cities like Jaganath (I think its Puri), Rajagriha (may be Rajgir, Bihar. The apex Buddhist educational & cultural hub then) and Varanasi . It is believed that due his open-way of teaching of sacred religious scriptures to the Sudras (the lower casts)  & Vaisyas (a level above sudras, labours, farmers, business mans) which was not acceptable then, he embroiled with some sort of conflict with thee higher casts of the society like Kshatriyas (Fighters, Kings, Warrior class) & the Brahmins (The priests, religious teachers). This conflict engendered his life safety and after being warned by the Sudras, he leaves the city (Jaganath) and travels to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal which was also the birth place of the Great Buddha.

Hemis Gompa, India

Isa returns to his native home at the age of 29 and begins preaching. He continued his preaching for three years. He was later accused of proclaiming himself as a Son of God by the Jewish religious leaders and  was arrested and crucified for blasphemy.

Numerous scholars claims  the book by the Notovich as a hoax. Another Indian spiritualist and skeptic, Swami Avedananda also visited the Hemis monastery and claimed to be found the exact manuscript that Notovich have earlier mentioned.  He later wrote a book on his experiences at Hemis.

There is a shrine of a saint in the Khanyar area of district Srinagar kashmir, known as Rozabal (Roza-bal ,  means shrine of the honored one) which is believed to be the final resting place of Yuz Asaf which means Son of Joseph. It is again controversial.

Rozabal shrine, kashmir, India
Rozabal Shrine, Kashmir, India

A documentary produced by Ministry of Information, Govt. of India and directed by Yeshaendra named ‘The Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar‘ which covers all the available aspects of Jesus’s possible presence in India, his teachings and all the mystery behind that following thorough research and development. You can read the interview of the director here.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus’s Journey To India – The Lost Years From Bible

  1. Hi Watiya,

    Thanks for reading. Well its not about any hardcore evidence, its about a journey of an unknown hermit who resembles some characteristic of Jesus. I have mentioned in my first paragraph that this is a controversial topic and not much research has been carried on this subject. However, if you are interested in learning more about this topic then you must visit the ‘Tomb of Jesus’ site. It has plenty of valuable information in it.


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