Facebook Timeline – This Is The New Shit!

facebook timeline_aritra ganguly_while logged off
Facebook Time line Profile View While Logged Off

I’ve got my Facebook profile ‘Timelined’ today and its really an amazing experiences. I found this new feature after sometime it got released and wished that I could have done it on ‘the day’ it self.

facebook time line_aritra ganguly_logged in
Facebook Timeline View After Logging In

For all of them (I also do that) who search every day for the latest updates from Facebook, mostly about the profile customization options this new feature can be an alternative.  Timeline is a online or rather Facebook biography feature where you can systemically arrange your life right from your date-of-birth, sounds impressive, huh. After you activated the Timeline in your profile you will be asked to choose a ‘cover’ and that’s the first most impressive thing about this enhancement. A ‘cover’ like what it literally means act as the cover for your Facebook Timeline profile or biography.  Facebook will automatically arrange the present details of you according to the year and for the rest, you have to do it manually. You can set the visibility of each and every options inside the time line thus protecting your privacy and its recommended. So, gear up and turn your Facebook profile into your virtual biography.

Cheers 🙂


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