Effective FREE Ways of Generating Traffic For Websites – Part 1

After getting any website rolling, the next big think that came into any webmaster’s mind is inevitably ‘traffic’. It is the main and the most important point to cover just after having a website. If you are a company or organization and there is something you want to provide or ‘sell’ to your users through your website, then you must plan a solid traffic generating strategy in order to sustain the website and justifying its cause to be on the internet. I’m too was clueless in this regard when first started my web mastering career but eventually able to learn out some easy to do practices that are ‘free-of-cost’, 100% ethical, does not require extreme SEO expertise to execute and can surely boost up the traffic.

Effective FREE Ways of Generating Traffic For Websites - Part 1
Desired Traffic Around Your Website

There are two phases of a traffic generation strategy for any site. In the first phase you select primary keywords for your business and you put the entire effort to get it ranked top at the SERP. Secondly, you R&D on some excellent alternative way to drive traffic and apply them to your business. Well, what I’m are talking about is the mixture of the both. If your site is ranked within top 5 against the targeted keyword, traffic is bound to come in but beside that you also can have some good other options from or by which your site can get a great number of ‘niche’ traffic.

Some proven methods to drive traffic to your site:

1. Targeting less competitive/ near relevant keywords – Targeting a bunch of keywords that may not be super-relevant to your business or have less competition, can surprisingly drive a good amount of traffic to your site. If you are targeting a keyword that has apparently less relevancy to your business, choose the one which has the highest number of search volumes.

2. Blog Setup – Setting up an informative blog can add a decent amount of potential visitors to your site monthly traffic report. Setting up a blog is very easy but driving and maintaining it is not. Do not write only about your product of services rather you can provide latest and other relevant information on your area of operation through your post. You also need to take care about the intonation of your writing. Remember, too much rigid and formal writing bored a visitor and too much lucid and funky type of writing can create a misconception about your seriousness of purpose. All you need to do a beautiful balancing act.

3. User Interface (UI) Factor – I regard this as one of the most important factor in ‘retaining’ visitors. Your design will establish the fact ‘first impression is the last impression’. In order to accomplish this you do not need to put an amusement park inside your website, rather just do some smart work and aesthetically design your site in accordance with the prescribed guidelines and the theme of your business or services.

4. Social Networks – Smart use of various social network platforms can really be helpful in generating some good amount of traffic for your site. You need to make a content circulation chain like, your blog post —> auto rss feed up-gradation —–> auto sharing of current content in the social networks platforms where your site got an account. Post and discuss the latest industry/ business news with your fans and show them what can you do in that specific field. In other words socialize with the birds of the same feather.

5. Social Bookmarks

– Social bookmarking is a wonderful way to get some targeted traffic to your site. You can bookmark content/ information rich pages of your website as well as the new blog posts that you periodically come up with. Register in top 20-30 bookmarking sites and follow some good amount of regular people out there. Remember not to bookmark a uninformative or a specific page again and again.

As of now you can implement or do your own brainstorming on these five proven ways of traffic driving. I’ll be back with some other alternatives ways to get niche traffic in the next part soon.

Cheer 🙂


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