I’ve been  listening  to this Cadbury Silk jingle for quite long time. Its sweet, cute and melodious. Well it may be suprising (to myself) to fall in love with this type of tune for a metal lover like me but you know melody rules. I have tried to find out the guitar chords for this song. Hope […]

I’m writing this post at 12:40 am, Jan 1, 2012 without any kind of hope or resolution. Its four months from the time I wrote the above line. With this tenure I must have learned something. Its been a great time at my office, new responsibilities, promotions, PRESSURES, clients & all other odd stuffs.  Musically […]

‘Balance sheet of year 2011′ – this is what its supposed to be but currently I don’t have any intention to tally the gone year’s debit and credit any way. We all know what we all get and loose. Life is straight and simple but its us (debatable) which makes it complex and now by any […]

Facebook has already proven its worth in terms of business and promotion related activities . Year 2010- 2011 has witnessed a lot of business centric activities, algo- changes and integration of some good options for Facebook business page marketing purposes. Marketing your products, services or any thing on Facebook will require an extreme honest and […]

Many of us may be aware of this fact and many may not be.  I’ m talking about the holy pilgrimage of Jesus Christ to India including other Asian countries that he took several thousands years ago. There are many controversies revolves round this fact but we will get into that, instead we will try […]

I’ve got my Facebook profile ‘Timelined’ today and its really an amazing experiences. I found this new feature after sometime it got released and wished that I could have done it on ‘the day’ it self. For all of them (I also do that) who search every day for the latest updates from Facebook, mostly […]

At last we have made it. When it was first announced, the news creates an immediate buzz among tech- cos, both domestic & international. That buzz was all about doubting or rather analyzing the ability to design such a sophisticated piece of device at this astonishing price. Yea , we are talking about the Akash […]

After getting any website rolling, the next big think that came into any webmaster’s mind is inevitably ‘traffic’. It is the main and the most important point to cover just after having a website. If you are a company or organization and there is something you want to provide or ‘sell’ to your users through […]


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